¿X cess? permissiveness

Hugh Schofield is a living and not yet retired journalist w a famous quote: lack of checks on permissiveness is pushing some to religious fundamentalism, and today scratching my head trying to figure out how any1 wud think zero access 2safe respectful abortion is good . ¿Huh? . . . a woman in El Salvador was recently released from jail w authorities relenting to protest . . after five yrs . . she had a miscarriage in a toilet at work then fell unconscious she revived she found her baby gone and she faced charges for murder instead of sensitive care a woman after miscarriage deserves . . dear kind readers: her full name is not commonly available in international media tho a search: El Salvador Elsy will find her story this day . . 2day . . sincerely, Tom Doody. lack of checks on permissiveness is pushing some to religious fundamentalism. Ms. Wallace insulted my wife for having her ass hang out of shorts . . the exchange is recorded by me w Ms. Wallace notified posted here on youtube. In addition to Ms. Wallace’s sense of entitlement that spilled in2 toxic nasty treatment of Hana, my wife, and me at Horizon West Sarasota Florida . . Ms. Wallace is probably a problem for property management . . she a minority wanting 2b treated as the majority . . and in the x change Ms. Wallace’s sense of excess permissiveness rises to the surface. Karianne Lisonbee is an elected official of Utah, and she clearly hungers for less permissiveness saying in recent days in a press conference how the problem is not restrictions on abortions it’s women who allow men 2ejaculate seaman inside them . . . that’s the problem as Karianne Lisonbee sees it . . . again lack of checks on permissiveness . . this reality articulated by Hugh Schofield in USA’s current polarized politics where any win 4 one’s side is a win . . PERIOD. if one is a conservative like Ms. Wallace and Karianne Lisonbee hungering for prudent times . . hungering for less permissiveness no win for the other side can b considered good IOW win win win . . even if a push x treme puts women like Elsy of El Salvador in prison . . . this reality is one of the reasons eye was quick to see the death of the unconstitucional NY gun law as good . . it was a win for the other side yet eye saw good in the change . . striking down Nationally protected abortion might in part b good even for ppl w my preferences . . but wat’s on the horizon with birth control and horror stories of Elsy of El Salvador is in no way good . . me Dems and other liberals have 2 stop reading poems in sadness and fight effectively . . "shock" had no place in the reaction to the death of Roe . . the Dem speaker needs to quit reading poems and take effective action . . the other side sees a win . . uncontaminated by complications . . a win is a win . . Dems Liberals . . eye . . . must fight effectively.


About Tom Doody

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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