Atm postit note

eye have an inexpensive promotional activity that’s been part of my gig 4yrs . . . eye carry routinely (w blackouts from realities of a low-priority activity) eye carry post it notes and lv them on ATMs . . bankofamerica ATMs and wellsfargo ATMs in transit terminals r best bc eye can check them on my repeat passes . . yrs of do ing this and nothing nada nothing a few calls emails but nothing closed . . still it’s so ez and so in ex pensive that eye persist . . finally my promo for Spanish English whatsapp grp scored a member in the target group . . eye detected the addition to the grp from my area code but eye did nothing direct w the person b hind the account . . the grp’s founder wants 2 purge the grp and start fresh and eye agree . . but pero but . . . don’t want 2loose my ATMperson so eye pinged direct and she he confirmed my postit was found on a Hoboken ATM . . . we have a Nigerian founder and 2coadmins . . me and Nuevo Leon Mexico . . 4 reason that’s difficult 2x plain the grp is helping me learn Spanish at a rate that x ceeds anything eye’ve done prior . . at my side is Hana, my wife, speaking Italian 2a childhood amiga . . and eye understand much of wat they r saying . . finally . . this feels gr8


About Tom Doody

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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