dear kind readers: this post is a simple recco 2watch a youtube vid Washington Post 2night 00.03.25 sincerely, Tom Doody . . here is some reasons additional text is needed 2 justify a few minutes: ONE: Jordan Klepper of the Daily Show w Trevor Noah went 2 a Trump rally and exposed how the ppl r watching nothing of the 6Jan hearings TWO: the hearings like court cases r 2long and ppl have lives 2live THREE: skimming the news or watching shorter summaries of days of hearings is insufficient FOUR: the WAPO vid focuses exclusively on one woman who was in the White House on 6Jan, and we have another account of Trump thinking killing Pence was justified and even as the rioters were at the Capital Trump said they were doing nothing wrong. "they" were the rioters. 00.03.25 is a good balance btw 2 long and not long enough.


About Tom Doody

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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