Brian Jones

it wasn’t until Charlie Watts died that eye took time2understand why the 4Beatles names were burned in2my permanent memory . . but eye was cloudy about the four Stones . . this was the problem . . . only 3 were living most of the time eye knew the Stones . . other periphery members confused me . . . then eye learned more about Brian Jones . . youtube Brian Jones sorted by hits . . . hit on Stones hits including one when the stones had morphed from proper English schoolboys w tame music in2 the rock band eye knew . . and Brian is part of the Rock and Rolling part of the band’s history . . Brian was the founder organizer namer recruiter then the 1st and 2nd recruited . . dissed him . . fired him . . months later Brian’s tragic death was followed by a funeral w no Keith no Mick . . the fab 4 Keith Mick Charlie and Brian . . the vid eye found un expectedly emotional was what happened to brian Jones alpha 11 youtube channel . . very emotional the 1st member of the tragic 27 club . . ouch the remaining stones Keith and Mick recently played a summer show 2a sea of ppl

About Tom Doody

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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