Trump was duly elected once w a Supreme Court Justice seat open w the death of Justice Scalia . . damn that appointment b longed 2Barack but somehow the Republicans in the Senate spoke as tho their constituents represented the majority and Gorsuch was nominated and confirmed. OMG then 2more Trump crazy picks and . . here we r . . w a court doing an exemplary job of representing the minority . . . eye’ll concede this is sour grapes expressed by a Liberal who sat on his hands wondering how this cud happen . . . NY’s gun law was vulnerable and predestine for a reversal this was not the court’s fault . . abortion . . may b state autonomy on this contentious debate is the only way 2 provide safe respectful reliable abortions to women who can’t won’t or should not have2carry their babies2term . . state2state we could also agree w in the states on limits to abortion . . . . ie a late-term abortion when no body’s life is risked can find reasonable limits . . Clarence Thomas expressed need for the court to reconsider marriage equality . . this from a man whose marriage would have been illegal during the early years of my life . . it’s pride month and the NYC skyline was lite w gay colors last night . . the city feels happy . . tho eye noticed a marked openness to normal interracial chats and friendships and interracial hookups and marriage in Philly. . NYC remains liberal . . NJ remains liberal . w a wild contrast w states that make moment-of-conception laws . . ¿WTF? the moment sperm and egg hook up the woman who holds that union must . . by law . . carry it 2term . . r they ¿Kidding? me . . . eye’m father of 3 . . 2 surviving . . and shared a bed w my ex during those pregnancies . . their mother aka surviving mother . . imaging a pregnancy knowing the baby is unwanted mayb the baby of a rapist . . and some states they demand this process 2 come2term w out any considering of the woman who owns the womb . . as Howard Stern says . . no man would accept such an obligation . . many men were ready to burn the country down and crash planes over mask requirements . . yet the requirement 2 carry a fertilized egg 2term should not allow personal consideration of the woman holding that fertilized egg . . state2state differences now the way of the land . . may b we’ll find safe respectful reliable reasonably limited abortion in enough states.


About Tom Doody

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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