this txt continues my pledge2 pause and x plore the profiles of the ppl who wished me happy birthday in January . . eye took June off . . . w the sense eye wud not complete my list . . so at least this txt continues 1more . . Rick and eye were employed overlapping almost a decade . . seems Rick was hired b4me . . and he stayed till the end . . and eye left slightly b4 the end . . Rick is employed by PPG now and lives in the town where we worked 2gether . . and seems his wife is his 1st wife . . so he’s steady in location fatherhood and marriage . . and . . eye trust he’ll 4give me . . ¿Steady? is not a word eye wud have associated w RA . . he’s smart and smarter than most college graduates eye know . . tho he probably still thinks Biden stole the White House fr Trump . . oh well stop the steal even sucked in some smart ones . . his recent post include other ppl’s media w one abt Christianity . . . the sentiment of the Christian post seems 2focus on the accusation that all Christians r nutty like Westboro Baptist Church nutty . . but the post objects and makes a softer more Christian msg . . another post is a back man actor whose character name eye 4get . . no may b Sanford of Sanford and Sons . . but the dad’s name . . his funny x pression is of a man entering a room and 4getting why he’s there . . George Carlin, now deceased, leverages this 4getfullness 4a laugh2 . . both funny considering how many times eye’ve swiped on my phone not knowing why . . r common amigos include a dead 1 . . if eye continue this pledge and live long enough the number of dead common amigos will increase . . and in time eye’ll 4get whose living . . Rick’s got a lot of family members who link 2him . . remarkable considering how relationships and relationships on line r so often independent . . . RA likes a veterans page but pero but eye don’t think he’s a veteran . . another post hints RA might favor parenting including ass whoopings over time outs . . . Dear Rick: grazie4 the birthday greeting in January . . sincerely, Tom Doody middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel

About Tom Doody

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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