¿Aquitted? yo no creo

Danielle Redlick was acquitted of murdering her husband . . there was a history of IPV and Danielle claimed she killed Mike in self defense . . . headlines wud say there is no way she was acquitted but pero but . . the headlines sourced the stupid things Danielle did after she killed Mike . . OMG why was she acquitted . . why was a jury persuaded . . . the answer that satisfies my curiosity can b found on Law and Crime youtube . . Danielle’s story was told calmly 2yrs after Mike’s death in a way that reconciled w evidence and in a way that said to the jury Danielle was telling the truth and Danielle was credible . . the 00.54.00 kept my attn w Hana, my wife . . the questions were softball questions from her own lawyer, but eye don’t need2c the cross x amination . . Danielle was credible and the jury b lieved her.

About Tom Doody

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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