Anne Frank reincarnated

dear kind readers: Erika commented on a post where eye disclosed marriage problems. She has read my blog and commented periodically for more than a half decade. Sincerely, Tom Doody . . by this time nothing eye write shud shock Erika but pero but . . . it seems this did . . it’s as if Erika feels the pain of key relationships in my life trashed thru my 1st marriage . . and . . . it’s almost 2say . . he’s do ing it again . . like a kid pulled from a frozen lake only 2x plore thin ice the nxt winter . . eye think this captures Erika’s sentiment . . so moving on 2 more factual matter of my post and Erika’s reply . . eye say "marriage trouble" and Erika say’s "no body shud voluntarily disclose marriage trouble". Johnny and Amber just finished a six week trial where each of them were trying to downplay their sins and upplay their exe’s sins . . they lost control of the narrative . . as eye write eye know my text will b open and eye write w this in mind . . each time some1 is outraged by an email hack that’s public or Johnny facing his text threatening 2kill Amber and burn her body . . my reaction: eye write a lot and sometimes eye don’t recognize my txt so in separate context eye know it’s not good, but at least eye know my state of mind was open 2others reading as eye wrote . . so eye feel a margin of safety . . Anne Franke’s surviving dad now deceased is said to have withheld some of Anne’s diary bc she wrote about sexual desire . . Anne wrote of her attraction 2a boy in the family they were trapped w . . this was Anne’s diary . . nvr written w the idea it wud b public . . if Anne came back to life . . . she’d probably b horrified . . . reading thru her own writing hunting for other text made public as she was murdered by the Nazi’s . . omg Anne might say . . the panic that accompanies unintentional disclosure is a panic eye don’t fear.

About Tom Doody

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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