bicycle NYC

eye’ll disclose now wat was not disclosed abt the motivation of my time in Philadelphia . . Hana, my wife, and eye r having marriage problems . . wat’s good about Philly is the time needed apart was productive and a warm reunion followed . . and . . Hana scheduled time in Europe w us vacationing 2gether but lv ing me out of the hometown trip in Como Italy . . a natural omission of me in Italy was mostly inspired by Hana’s childhood amiga not having time during r 2021 visit 2Como . . eye b lieve and Hana has been persuaded that this childhood amiga wud have had time 4Hana if Hana was not dragging along her not-Italian-speaking husband . . . eye have a practice of double posting in fb, but . . . uncomfortably fb has gotten 2much attn on my Philly posts . . . so this sensitive topic will b x clusive 2my blog . . on the brighter side w Hana and me . . . we have a long way 2deteriorate b4 marriage is no longer a marriage . . my home office work and Hana’s retirement has us 2gether . . happily . . sincerely happily . . . having fun w home functions like cooking and acquisition of groceries . . 2day we rode citibikes NYC share bicycles fr Columbus Cr 2 WTC Manhattan awesome . . . wat eye’ve seen gradually and not noteworthy was the x formation of Broadway in2 much more favorable pedestrian and bicycle passage . but . . . but pero but w Hana 2day eye forced myself 2c Broadway thru Hana’s eyes whose most recent navigation of this route was pre-pandemic . . NYC leveraged the pandemic 2btr pedestrian and bicycle access . . awesome . . . fun. Dear kind readers: eye saw media from credible urban planning professionals . . Times Square . . eight twenty . . 80:20 . . 80% of the area of Times Square was occupied by four-wheeled vehicles transporting only 20% of the ppl on Times Square . . 2day this ratio is flipped and altho . . . some cities have fucked up their move2predestirian bicycle transit . . NYC has reversed on none of its projects eye know of. . Sincerely, Tom Doody

About Tom Doody

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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2 Responses to bicycle NYC

  1. Erika M says:

    Tom, Tom, Tom…. WHY are you disclosing marriage problems??? Isn’t that a private issue between you and your wife? Isn’t this how you always seem to get yourself in trouble with family members- by disclosing personal information that the other party may not want made public? I honestly can’t imagine a more personal and private issue than marital problems.


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