Johnny Amber opera

eye left home while Johnny’s team was competing closing arguments . . eye hear the woman and left during the man . . eye think the man is the final . . . Hana promised 2 update me and she’ll probably alter her day 2finish . . my trial predication is an L for each party and as far as restoring their public images a W for Johnny and an L for Amber . . repeatedly eye felt Amber should not have filed the counter claim bc her public restoration wud have been more likely w out the aggressive court manoeuver . . . but eye’ve switch . . since they’ll both get Ls each can claim the L of the other party is their W. most personal for me is the idea that a couple b comes an independent entity and its destruction allows each party separate from the now defunct union . . we do this well in business with the creation and dissolution of an entity . . but pero but not so well in romantic relationships . . each Amber and Johnny deserve the chance 2 emerge from their self inflicted mess . . . not the only but the best broken relationship for me that returns to my mind as eye read and listen 2this gr8 trial is my 1st and only 2date divorce . . it was relatively ez 4me 2c that each of us should b granted the ability 2declared the dissolved relationship the problem and the problem was dissolved . . . my 1st exwife cud b a good wife 2some1 (man or women) and she has the right 2enjoy relationships not-romantic unfettered by r dissolved marriage . . my most remembered milestone to this more kind thinking was when eye realized w the help of an amigo in Michigan who was also an attorney . . eye’ve 4gotten his name . . but eye repeatedly rode w him as a neighbor and freeloading passenger from Fremont Michigan to Grand Rapids Michigan . . eye learned in a way that stuck is w the dissolution of the marriage eye had no obligation 2have direct communication w my ex ever again . . eye started using the phrase, "direct communication w me is prohibited" . . . each time she tried when eye wud call 4 my kids (3then 1 deceased and 2adults now) eye wud click and msg her bro, Luke, repeating . . . "direct communication w me is prohibited" . . tho that had 2b repeated wat seemed like 2 many times . . it b came practice and my ex showed acceptance by only using her lawyer or the courts after that . . . . no exceptions eye can think of now approx 2decades . . turning back 2Johnny and Amber their marriage now dissolved . . well may b still dissolving as eye write . . they still have their opportunity 2let each other live unfettered by the now-dissolved marriage . . Johnny and Amber . . . a gr8 love story . . Dear kind readers: If you r like me wishing u could set this celebrity drama aside and . . . well set it aside . . but ur drawn . . consider the A B C s of Opera . . sincerely, Tom Doody . . the C is Carmen and her ex murders her in the final scene . . it’s one of the most played and replayed performed and reperformed and listened to and relistened 2dramas of all time . . nobody argues credibly that classic opera is unworthy of one’s attn . . . yet it’s fiction . . . Johnny and Amber . . . like Carmen is worthy of my attn and it’s non-fiction.

About Tom Doody

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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