Johnny Amber and Kate

there r several former lovers of Johnny Depp publicly stating in his favor over Amber . . and Johnny’s team got their moment . . as if they wr saying . . . give us an x cuse2call 1of them . . Amber gave them the x cuse w a Kate Moss mention . . Kate testified 2day that the event of Johnny pushing her down stairs was falsely reported . . Kate injured herself while alone on stares and Johnny was good to her at that moment. Eye b lieve each side is trying 2re habilitate their client’s public image, and they’ve surrendered (Johnny’s side more than Amber) they’ve surrendered their defamation case. Though Kate was a score for Johnny it does nothing to prove defamation, and Amber’s team missed the perfect question . . Kate: was the stairs event reported at the time as ¿Something other? than wat you report now. Eye think this wud get a yes bc it’s b lieved by some that Johnny pushed Kate down steps. Kate’s yes wud reveal Johnny’s history of IPV in the press b gan way way way b4 Amber’s Washington Post txt that allegedly caused his defamation. The defamation cases r rubbish, and both sides on some level have accepted a court loss, and r focusing on rehabilitation of their client’s reputation.

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middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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