Jeanette wished me a hb in January . . this txt is part of a pledge 2x plore the profiles of ppl who wished me hb . . and 2day eye made a tech advancement fb makes me meander in their app iow if eye want2get back 2the collection of ppl who wished me hp then fb makes me go a lot of places eye did not intend 2go and finding the profile and returning 2it as eye write is also made not ez by fb . . scrolling screenshots is the new feature on my Moto phone that allows me 2get 3screenshots of mutual amigos amigas fresh posts and about all in 3 x tendend scrolling link screenshots this is also helpful bc eye’m on a data diet so eye cud read the screenshots omy here2 Hoboken terminal b4 Path2NYC . . Jeanette appears 2b a registered affiliate of which is stuff everybody wants occasionally so eye’ll try 2remember Jeannette nxt time eye need a mymemories like item . . Jeanette has a recent checkin at the site of the not-east-coast 911 plane crash . . the names of the ppl who died in the plane r memorialized and remarkably there r so few of them . . this mostly-empty plane theory made some conspiracy theories get space in my head for yrs but most r reconciled now . . Western PA . . was not the intended crash site of the attackers Jeanette also has a Johnny Depp like on her profile, so is she a fan and like other JD fans hate and dis b lieve Amber . . can’t think of a like at this moment that begs more contraversy than the simple 1on1 in US Virginia court than a Johnny Depp like . . Jeanette also likes 1million woman so it seems . . seems 2mean . ¿Something? ¿Nothing? abt Amber and women’s rights in general Jeanette has a post of a family member graduation 2yrs ago . . which was the covid ceremony and it looks like it . . taking in a gym and only two ppl . . and the Jiff pb recall seems Jeanette was stocking up on bp and trashed all of it . . 15 common amigos amigas interesting . . this Catholic elementary school linked ppl in a meaningful way and eye don’t know that eye turned any away by wishing away 45 . . dear Jeanette: thank you for knowing it was my bd and do ing something abt it . . best2u in OHfrNJ sincerely, Tom Doody

About Tom Doody

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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