irreconcilable differences

Irreconcilable differences is commonly used in US courts as the reason a marriage ends in divorce . . the phrase captures the inability of the court to place blame on a failed marriage . . Johnny and Amber’s attorneys are spending much time on how Johnny got his finger cut off. The tip of one of Johnny’s fingers was separated in a traumatic event in Australia w Amber present. A recording hears the couple arguing, and documents, depositions, witness testimony, and medical experts have all been used to place blame. Even Johnny’s accounts to the Australian doctor who administered Emergency medical differ. The doctor’s notes document one account given by Johnny and Johnny’s txt to the doc gives a different account. Nobody is permitted to say it, bc the reasonable doubt . . but to me there is no doubt. Johnny’s finger tip was not severed from the rest of the finger by Amber throwing a vodka bottle at him. Decades ago eye had a conversation w a doctor who said even ppl run over by trains often have some connective tissue that remains partially intact connecting the limb to the rest of the body. In Johnny’s case the finger was found later by someone else. The fact that this event w so much court evidence cannot get to the bottom of Johnny’s severed finger tip is emblematic of why US courts declared a generation ago: "irreconcilable difference".

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