the big ¿Lie?

w the media flowing around me it’s ez2imagine Putin a madman invading his neighbor w out provocation w out National support w out international support, but there is abundant media saying the imbalance is more balanced. Dear kind readers: Please; eye’m begging; eye’ll do anything, por favor . . . google ZAMESTIM. It’s a Russian word translated by BBC as we will replace. A timely google search is likely to hit the St. Petersburg art installation. Univision called it "extraña" in a headline. There is only one reason to call it: extraña, which is 2diminish its legitimacy. ZAMESTIM is creative street-inspired art by a not-publically-named artist that captures anti-west (aka anti EU and anti US) timely sentiment. ZAMESTIM is no more estraña than Banksy’s broken phone booth. I concede a big lie is allowing Putin to advance his war w Russian public support . . . I concede US media by telling the stories redundantly about Nalvaly’s unjustified imprisonment is not a lie. It’s the curation of stories in US media that allows us to b lieve passively that a Russian Teacher fired 4 telling a more balanced story of Russian’s invasion of Ukraine represents Russians broadly. Even the Terminator 100% discredited the fact of Nazis in Ukraine yet there is a far-right legit Ukraine government sanctioned group of fighters that cud b described as Nazis. Ukraine does not need help managing alt-right, and Ukraine did not ask Russian to invade to save Ukraine. Putin is a horrible person, but not w out support . . . broad support . . . and this war will eeeeeeextend indefinitely, and the sooner the West understands the real enduring threat of Putin the more likely the end of Putin’s madness will come.

About Tom Doody

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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