yo S: top ten times Jamie Oliver pissed all off is playing at home w me at a barrio cafe El Carretero 48 . . this time it got Hana’s attn . . the paella section is similar to the gripe ur cousins Hana and H have w Jamie putting garlic in Carbonera . . ur international childhood and adult international relocation positions u btr than me 2 understand why: paella w chorizo promoed by Jamie cud possible piss off a whole nation . . but w my marriage 2Hana and understanding who her late father was . . . Haruki b came more Italian than Italians . . his intellectual creative and professional intensity had him wanting 2do everything right . . . . and it’s understandable Haruki’s surviving son and daughter, manifested some of this and have a negative reaction to garlic in Carbonara . . Hana tells a story many times when her pancetta was taken by airport security on a trip from Europe to the North America . . . . in the Jamie ppisses every1 off is a man eye assume is an English speaking man who traces to Spain commenting about the paella travesty . . in an attempt 2help audience members like me to understand he said: it’s like Chicken soup . . but w substituted beef4ckicken ciao Tomás btw . . eye’m learning Spanish w my pronunciation corrected frequently in my learn Spanish everyday whatsapp grp founded by Abdulmalik of Nigeria w me as coadmin Tom Doody middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel w my pronunciation corrected so frequently eye can’t help in the Jamie pissed ppl off youtube the host says Paella as an English word

About Tom Doody

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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