David Doody 1988 – 2007

2June is near and my thots return 2this day each year since David, my late son, died. 2June was the day David was born . . eye was at risk when David died and . . . 2day is the day 4me2 write something on my youtube tribute 2David . . since the most recent past 2June ppl the age David wud b if he lived commented on David’s youtube tribute, and w good digital this text will get in front of more of them . . 2day’s NYTimes youtube talks about kids depression and the difficulties navigating adolescence w social media b ing part of their report . . oddly the subjects of the NYTimes youtube described the dark side of digital connections and how they lv ppl feeling disconnected, but for me following David’s death my digital life was a lifesaver . . . eye dream of a redemption . . . dear kind readers: sincerely dreams of a redemption b ing popular as eye was when David was alive and popular died with him . . . this message is not about lifting me. Sincerely, Tom Doody . . if eye cud b a catalyst . . if eye cud b the person as a back up to the person who is best . . if eye cud b a back up on 2June 4ppl who knew David, and want 2relive a moment of sadness in the search of something btr . . if eye cud b the 1 down the line backup for some1 who knew David and Aaron and that some1 faces the reality of both dead . . eye c the traffic on David’s youtube tribute and eye know some1 is out there seeking2relive some of their moments when David was living . . tragedy is known 2unify and the boys AND girls crying at David’s final events felt tragedy 2gether at a time when many ppl that age are vulnerable . . if eye cud b that person as a back up 2 the A ppl if eye cud b that person getting some1 who felt unified in tragedy seeking 2feel unified again . . . eye wud b that person . . dear kind readers: My current plans r 2b in Philadelphia 2June 4abt 12 hours alone w no agenda . . eye’ll visit the Philadelphia Museum of Art and blog . . check email . . check digital stuff and explore . . a message w me 2June might b the right thing if the right thing feels evasive . . reliving joy of David’s life is best x ploring the feelings of unity in David’s tragic premature death.

About Tom Doody

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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