Laurie is a nurse, and she wished me happy birthday on fb in January . . this txt is a continuation of my pledge 2pause a few moments and invest in the ppl who knew it was my birthday and who did something about it . . . vis-a-vis eye knew Laurie from elementary school Catholic where eye was a student 4 two years . . people whose lives merged at this school remain unified digitally strong . . only prep school compares to the digital unity 2day . . this grp had a forty-yr reunion and eye considered but did not travel and Laurie probably the same . . opting out of a special trip from from Charlotte North Carolina . . Laurie’s profile links her 2 Cleveland in ways that says her links 2our childhood city remains important . . eye left Cleveland and only returned 4visits in 1982 and eye have the sense Laurie’s Cleveland exit was later than mine . . she’s married so may b her career or marriage attracted her to Charlotte NC . . fr her posts that get my attention over yrs nursing and things funny 2nurses is wat eye remember, and her fresh posts has one indirectly related . . . it’s a worker at a stuffed animal factory holding an unstuffed dog to a probe that injects the stuffed animal w stuffing . . . the probe penetrates the animal as if it were being sodomized by the probe as long as its little doggie body . . the vid cuts 2a big dog wr 2 b leeve is watching the probing on TV and the big dog has a look of horror on its face . . the big-dog x pression is funny even w out the context and Laurie’s post has me smiling now . . related2 ¿Nursing? no but yes in some subtle nurse medical-professional way . . another post is from a talent show . . eye don’t know which talent show and the many people who tune into these shows might think eye’m b ing faux dumb bc eye don’t want 2say publicly eye’m a fan . . . eye do know these shows in general and eye’ve watched many highlights on digital media like the fresh 1on Laurie’s posts . . eye know about Gwen Stefanie meeting her 2nd husband there and their faux ¿Dating? Superbowl commercial and eye know how Gwen’s 1st marriage erupted with Paparazzi cathing an image of her husband’s hand on the ass of the nanny . . funny . . Laurie’s post is a woman who sings and in the awkward x change w the judges we learn she has cancer and sings about b ing OK . . the scene is emotional and seems 2 pt 2 Laurie’s empathy which might b wat attracted Laurie 2nursing . . impressive . . even if she’s a bad nurse (eye’m sure Laurie’s a gr8 nurse) Laurie’s patients would feel cared 4 . . . Dear Laurie: thank you for the birthday greeting in January . . from NJ2NC ciao Tom Doody middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel

About Tom Doody

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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