Adam and Steve

Steve an fb amigo commented on my recent Hunter Biden post the daily x change that followed 4a week was Steve trying 2 force me in2 an answer of a question which favored his side . . . eye was evasive and ended it w "Eye quit" unlike trolls unlike harassment unlike abuse Steve tried to bring a vis-a-vis argument tactics 2txt . . . wat’s odd about this x chang btw me and Steve is how it exemplifies 2friends arguing, but Steve and eye lack the mutual investment to make it productive . . and it’s digital not vis-a-vis . . . ie . . if Adam said to me on a pt eye made that he wants to invalidate "can’t read ur txt write English" . . eye’d say . . . bull shit . . and eye’d read it 2him . . as Adam forced me to answer some micro pt so he could build on it and possibly persuade me through logic . . eye’d fight it . . but some how we’d get 2the pt he was trying to make . . and quickly . . eye make so much of this x change w Steve bc many people like and luv social media and txt . . but it lacks something . . . eye think this x change btw me and steve x exemplifies wat’s missing . . the best part is how Adam and Steve both commented making it memorable as my Adam and Steve post . . dear kind readers: If Adam and Steve are just 2names and the pairing does not trigger special meaning, then ur missing something. Sincerely, Tom Doody . . the Westboro Baptist Church of Kansas made itself famous b hind a leader now deceased . . they would appear at protest w crazy talk X treme bible talk including: "Adam and Eve; not Adam and Steve" . . . marriage equality is Nationally legal, and it’s best if people like the opponents of the Westbrook Baptist Church remain minimized in their attempts to reverse gay marriage and while they remain minimized we have the luxury of remembering: "Adam and Steve" as a humours pairing rather than the words of toxic haters threatening equality.

About Tom Doody

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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