Will slapped Chris

until dinner w Hana 2nite eye did not know how bad Chris’s joke mocking Jada’s missing hair . . eye was unaware of her medical condition making her bald . . . slight nuance could have given Chris a pass like if it was Kim Kardashian whose butt suffered from a BBL and she could not sit through the show . . . in this hypothetical case Kim would have made her as sore by choice . . . or if Jada had shaved her head for a character she was prepping . . . again choice of the woman b ing mocked . . . giving Chris a pass, but . . . ONE: Jada was in the audience TWO: Jada was a guest not nominated herself THREE: Jada’s condition is medical maybe genetic and not by choice . . similar tho not as bad as mocking missing hair from chemo. Chris’s joke was not in the normal toxic humor validate by history of the academy awards, but rather only validated by cruel humor of nightclubs . . . bad humor must be left 2 self regulation. My focus this AM was broken laws and how will it change future award shows. ONE: Will faces no legal consequences TWO: for award show bosses it must be a wake up call, bc having open-stage access from the crowd to the stage does not happen for the Rolling Stones, and if the award show bosses do nothing . . and it’s worse next time requiring EMT or a murder . . award bosses must b careful, and doing nothing might prove to the devastating.

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middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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