Congressman Fortenberry of Nebraska was convicted Friday and resigned yesterday. Bayley Bischof was in the courtroom publishing as the trial advanced. I overlooked the story from criminal charges against the Congressman, and I only knew of Fortenbery’s acceptance of dirty money from a Nigerian billionaire upon his conviction. ¿How? did I almost completely miss the story. Sincerely . . financial corruption in politics is always interesting to me. My state’s Senator (not Corey, the other 1) is corrupt, and somehow he got passed what should have ended his time in the Senate. Fortenberry, a Republican, got investigated and convicted. The methods of the FBI were sneaky, and tells a great story that is worthy of more press. As Bayley was able to tell though her courtroom reporting thirty K USD in cash passed from the brother of a Nigerian billionaire to an intermediary to an American Physician who made the donation in his name. Hard to believe. The doctor was so dumb that he took an overloaded purse full of hundreds, and then made a donation in his own name. The doctor is probably not that dumb, and the process of making him an American physician distinguished his intelligence for the better, but the doctor was clearly not paying attention. Taking an overloaded handbag of hundred USD bills should have alerted him he was doing something illegal, and then making a donation in his own name is a sure paper trail from dirty secretive money to a scream ¡catch me!. Like a mouse that alerts his friends and family just before jumping on an empty glue board. The physician’s name is: Dr. Elias Ayoub, and it’s his good fortune the FBI decided to use him and not ruin him. Elias called Fortenberry probably in the company of the FBI, and on a recorded call told the Congressman the money was dirty. The trap was set, and the Congressman could have saved himself and come clean, but he didn’t instead doing all the things a future convict would do and today is Fortenberry’s first day as a former US senator. Bayley Bischof is a bright spot in this story who is part of a long history of local (not National) reporters who do a great job along with her editors to tell the courtroom story as it happens. National media falls short again and again, and I usually prefer local sources on courtroom trials. Dear Bayley Bischof: Your courtroom reporting was awesome. Grazie. Sincerely, Tom Doody middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel

About Tom Doody

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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