this continues my pledge to pause 4 a moment 2 read and thank the ppl who wished me happy birthday in January . . Pat’s late father was my late father’s pall . . by my dad’s calculation he cud afford my childhood home, bc Joe had a similar home near . . . this is the same logic that gets ppl in trouble, but the money worked and the friendship btw r dads lasted till my dad’s death in 1994 which left Joe graveside . . a model friendship4me through childhood and 2day btw Joe and Bill . . it’s funny how swiping thru childhood friends give me the sense that we nvr had common amigos . . but not Pat . . it’s like Blues Brothers getting the band back 2gehter . . . w Pat it seems the band nvr split . . even the pic on Pat’s profile shows a bedroom scene that looks like Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of fame shud b calling . . . just like eye remember Pat’s room in childhood . . Pat’s profile shows Rocky River Ohio which was his childhood home in both homes eye knew 4Pat’s family . .. there wr 2 yrs btw us at St. Ignatius . . ¿Really? felt like it was 1 . . Pat has family members linked . which 2me is difficult but from this birthday grazie pledge eye’m finding not all ppl have the trouble eye had . . a nephew and bro r linked the stuff Pat likes and his checkins show loyalty 2 Cleveland . . even the Crusaders NHL . . they ¿Left? long ago eye think . . eye donno NHL . . Pat’s fresh posts include music music music . . . it’s b crazy if Pat has nvr been2the Rock n Roll hall of fame . . seems he shud have a season pass . . 2day is Pat’s birthday and r common amigo Packy wished him hb w a pic of the2of them . . smiling fun pic . . Dear Pat: r Dad’s wr pals . . the best . . eye’ll nvr 4get r dad’s 2gether . . and thinking of u this moment has me smiling . . Happy Birthday and grazie 4my greeting in January . . ur amigo Tom Doody middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel

About Tom Doody

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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