Hunter’s laptop

Steve u pressed 4a btr answer abt Hunter’s laptop . . my recreational blogging gives a history of investing time and thought in txt in response prompted by a spontaneous comment and u went b yond . . grazie . . . ur sense Hunter’s laptop cud not possibly b Hunter’s is shallow and since u pulled r common history of food manufacturing . . eye’ll do the same . . . parts of a broken flashlight including batteries r found in mechanics that transfers grain/flour . . u and manufacturing el jefes y la jefas r changed w sorting out the mess . . . parts of the flashlight have the name LESLIE and u conclude without questioning Leslie that it must b his and his schedule and other events of timing allow u 2 unseize ur warehouse like the Russian oligarch’s boats in reverse . . but later u find GEORGE puts his daughter’s name on all his stuff including his flashlight, which is missing . . . pointing 2products now on trucks throughout ur region bc u unseized them . . eye feel u and my amigo Adam did the same thing on Hunter’s laptop . . "the laptop can’t possibly b Hunter’s" one of a hundred ways it cud b Hunter’s . . . Hunter quits the job fr the employer that owns the laptop and the laptop sits on a corporate shelf w the idea it’ll b redeployed but time passes . . . obsolete . . . the laptop ends up in the home of a tech pro formerly employed by Hunter’s former employer and . . . well .. . . corrupt thought sends the tech pro to a few Right bloggers then 2 Rudy . . . the juvenile plot is hatched combined w good timing w in days pressing Biden in a debate 2answer 4it, and Biden’s reply "Russian" . . which smelled foul 2me and many others . . . . it sounded like a pre puberty boy blaming his brother in the moment of a household misstep . . the Left panicked and the Right pressed on . . . again one way of hundreds the laptop cud have once b longer 2 Hunter . . the Left failed 2get 2 the heart of what the laptop contained and whether of not it was worthy of attn . . since the Left fanned flames instead of attacking the fire’s core . . . Hunter’s laptop remains a live topic 2day btw Bonnie and Clyde . . . . 1time pairing 2 common names triggers thought now like Adam and Steve

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middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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1 Response to Hunter’s laptop

  1. sadeyes says: Pretty graphic. This has to be from Hunter’s laptop.


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