Hunter’s laptop

w Jervanka in the White House the opportunity to attack Biden’s son, Hunter, during the 2020 campaign was appetizing and the Right attacked Hunter’s laptop, and the Left made up shit and lied . . ie Biden and Brian Stelter of CNN were the most noteworthy liars as eye c it . . most people who spend a minute to read the evidence of "Russian plant" knew the Russians were not b hind the story . . Left remained panicked and Right continued to attack . . 2day eye have a facebook comment asking me to put myself in the shoes of Hunter to estimate the likelihood of me leaving a work computer b hind and 4getting it . . sincerely . . eye purge lost shit from my mind quickly and even if the job was important to me . . . eye 4get it . . like clothing left b hind at cleaners . . or mending at the seamstress ppl 4get about stuff . . especially me especially ¿Hunter? not sure . . the comment on my mind from Steve on fb is an x ample of how the whole US political US media gangs attacked Hunter’s laptop in tangents not pointing to the heart of the story . . at the heart as best eye cud tell the laptop itself may have once b longed 2Hunter . . and Hunter is like my scamming amigo Alex in Brooklyn who would leverage every moment of his life if his dad were VP USA . . like Jervanka Hunter should not have had jobs given 2them bc daddy connections . . eye hated the Left defending Hunter’s job in Ukraine . . . and eye hate it even more 2day when Putin calls a legit government a puppet government . . while calling its Jewish president a Nazi . .

About Tom Doody

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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  1. sadeyes says: Gotta be from Hunter’s laptop.


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