my 1st target of the following txt is the members of this WhatsApp learn Spanish everyday grp: amigos amiga: . . . eye’ve been in a USA spanish-speaking barrio for more than a decade w only survival Spanish of my own . . ie eye can get a cafe and directions to an item in a store in Spanish both asking the question and understanding the answers and having a relatively natural x change along the way . . eye’m good enough that some ppl think eye speak Spanish and attempt a conversation w me at the same pace they’d tlk 2 an amigo amiga or family member . . . eye get lost and the conversation goes no where . . . again and again ppl tell me they learned Spanish by watching the news, but for me it has not helped bc eye understand nothing and my attn goes elsewhere . . . this whatsapp grp founded by Abdulmalik of Nigeria w me as co admin is helping . . along w: ONE: transcribing youtube news vids . . . eye’m b gining 2 hear more Spanish like 2day when eye heard news about Formula Uno racing event in Russia cancelled . . . this news was in a Spanish-language news podcast and my attention was elsewhere yet eye heard the news . . . this hearing Spanish when eye don’t know eye’m listening is happening more often . . . tho slow . . eye feel eye have traction and all the Spanish eye hear around me daily is not wasted . . grazie4reading ciao Tom Doody middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel

About Tom Doody

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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