Putin’s support

comparing WWII to today’s Putin invasion of Ukraine modern banking and global trade allows nations working together to cause problems by terminating trade and movement of money and movement of people . .. . whether this tactic is effective or not is yet 2b seen, but there r early signs that Russians can’t continue to live completely insulated from the destruction of their neighbor’s lives like the Germans did while the Nazi’s invaded its neighbor’s. German life in Germany continued even improved as the Nazi’s invaded . . National German sentiment was proud of the accomplishments of German troops . . the Nazi Party gathered National sentiment behind their movement hiding most of the darkest horrors being done under the Nazi banner . . yet Putin does not seem to have broad and blind-loyal support . . National Russian sentiment does not seem to rally behind the invasion of its neighbor . . money is flowing less . . events staged to increase National pride are cancelled and each Russian has reason2feel this is a massive crash in global popularity . . Russian forces have abundant resources to continue while denying the requested cease fire, but eye don’t think Russian popular support is in abundant supplym

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middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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