Chuck Taylors

yo sibs: eye reconcile A considering her in self x ile so eye’m writing w out waiting 4 a reply fr Ann wonderful the rest of u replied . . . awesome sincerely a warm happy feeling describes this moment there was a time eye was in self x ile healing . . . so 2 get something fr each of u is more than eye x pected E si D si M no. . . so the pic stays out of public viewing at my hands . . . . . my yellow Chuck Taylors felt perfect 4 the occasion . . . Mom had her hands in getting Chuck Taylors on my feet . . . my yellow shoes wr a photographer’s heartbeat fr getting cropped . . . wat a relief 2c yellow in the pic eye bought and sold the shoes on eBay mom’s memorial was perfect . . . the pic and this moment makes me feel r mom’s memory is more than a memory luv fr NJ2OH2CO2CO2WI Tee Tommy Tom btw happy Tuesday

About Tom Doody

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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