dry martini time

yo sibs: if r dad wr alive 2day he’d celebrate his 94th birthday . . eye’m remembering him and his comical "dry martini time" song via attached mp3 . . ¿Comical? it was clear to me at r mom’s memorial that r dad’s legacy had its highpoint at Immaculate Conception Port Clinton Ohio 1994 and considering drinking his legacy shrunk. I’ve reconciled with my own early adult bing drinking, but this reconciliation has the price of keeping me away from Cleveland and probably prices I’m not aware of . . one of our cousins told me she didn’t like our dad, bc he always got her mom drunk . . and each of u have reason to think this is overly naive, but this was the first significant "don’t like ur dad" feedback 2me ever . . Martha chose Bill and loved him to the grave all the while keeping loose guide ropes to avoid total disaster . and . . . eye’m remembering a comical Bill moment this AM . . love fr NJ2CO2CO2OH2WI Tommy Tee Tom

About Tom Doody

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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