Bob Marchase wished me happy birthday 3rd and the 1st not favored by eastern time zone only Japan and Italia wr ahead of Bobbydeville . . Bob uses this nickname on social media and it seems he likes it though eye knew him by the name on his sewn-on nametag Bob . . may b Robert but eye called him Bob . . . a coworker from the beverage plant once pumping out super-sweet fruitless fruit beverages in the Pennsylvania town where my first-born son, David, is buried . . . a coworker, Dan, as we knew him Danny on his obituary died this week . . it’d b nice2 share a moment in Dan’s memory may b w Bob . . Bob’s daughter, Cassie, was born the same year as my daughter, Erin, from pics Bob has a nice and warm link2his daughter, which is wonderful2c . . seems may b Cassie is married w her husband in round the Christmas tree pics . . Bob’s marriage continues to the wife eye knew back in the day and Bob’s retired . . ¿Really? impossible his mind has retired creative and tireless . . . common amigos include: Chris Nicoll, Chip Barrick, Todd Frederick, Rick Adams, Robert Carbaugh, and Mark Miller . fr facebook ideas like a factual reconciliation with the Amhaud Arbery killer prosecution and evidence from court is an idea that’s likely 2 hit a sour note among these common friends and "stop the steal" is probably living w in each of them, so . . well eye haven’t been unfriended yet . . which says ¿Something? . . Bob made a piece of art from the melted plastic that came from a six head x truder . . . and as eye remember each head sort of made a human figure . . creative fun. . . Dear Bobbydeville: Glad 2 b having birthdays and glad to get a birthday greeting fr u . . grazie fr NJ near the Lincoln Tunnel 2 Bubbleville Pennsylvania ciao ur amigo Tom

About Tom Doody

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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