Emmette Trayvon Ahmaud ¿Philando?

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel << Philando Castile is a name I remember of an armed black man who complied with the law, and the instructions of the officer, did not resist arrest, and Philando paid with his life for the cop’s unjustified panic. There was a trial, which is why I remember the case hearing the recording of Philando’s calm voice, and the cop’s panic. The police officer was acquitted. Philando’s death struck me as unjust yet there was a trial, and a jury, and . . and . . it was at the hands of legitimate police, so Philando does not make my following list: ONE: Emmett Till TWO: Trayvon Martin THREE: Ahmaud Arbery. Emmett was a boy pulled from his bed during his sleep by armed men who tortured and killed him. It was 1955 lynching was illegal, but these men were acquitted. Unlike the case made successfully to defend Trayvon’s killer there was no struggle. Emmett was an unarmed pre-puberty-age boy, and he was defenseless against the armed men. Emmett was asleep with no chance to run. Even in 1955 with no body cam or amateur vids Emmette’s killers should have been convicted, but the first trial acquitted them. Like Trayvon, Emmett had not committed a crime. Trayvon’s killer was acquitted, because there was room to establish doubt by having no witness to the struggle. Trayvon’s killer pursued Trayvon while being told by 911 dispatch on a recorded call not to pursue Trayvon, but it was night, doubt was raised in the mind’s of the jury, and Trayvon’s killer was acquitted. Ahmaud’s killer’s had a defense like Trayvon’s, but different by the amount of evidence against them. Daylight and a video worked in the mind’s of the jury, and Ahmaud’s killers were convicted. In each of three cases: Emmett, Trayvon, and Ahmaud their killers took the law without provocation and without request into their own hands. The video and daylight in Ahmaud’s murder made the difference, and the triple conviction gives vigilante would-be killers reason to pause and not kill. The time gaps between these three murders is six decades and a half decade, and somehow the two cases near in time ended differently, but I think the two cases together represent progress. Dear kind readers: If you have the sense you do not know enough about Ahmaud’s murder, and you think maybe the defense may have been able to raise your doubt, then please, I’m begging; I’ll do anything, por favor. Revisit the case, watch the vid, listen to the opening and closing arguments. The time is now. History will remember Ahmaud’s murder as settled, and you should give yourself the opportunity to feel settled with history. Sincerely, Tom Doody. >> Tom Doody

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middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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