Stefano wished me happy birthday 2nd only after the 1birthday wish fr a time zone of advantage . . Stefano and eye met in an Italian bar in Lombardia . . probably Como, but eye was w locals (my wife, Hana, and her childhood amigo, Alessandro) so eye did not know where we wr . Stefano was the DJ . . tho r driver, my wife, stayed sober the occasion at a bar on dark roads in the Italian countryside felt like de ja vue all over again . . . sort of surprised Stefano wanted to be in a pic w us older people when he was surrounded by many friends who were closer to his age . . Stefano staged the pic, and now yrs ltr a birthday wish . . eye’ve know a few DJs Packy in Cleveland and Alex in Brooklyn, and eye think it’s true for DJ’s their life has a time for this work and even when life moves on DJs continue to remember fondly their time b hind their audio Andrea was also there the night eye met Stefano . . Stefano is from Erba per his profile, which is my wife’s, Hana’s, hospital birth b4 she was taken home to nearby family home in lurago d’erba . . . the night w Stefano DJ was a milestone in Hana’s social life w ppl linked to her childhood home . . b4 she had regular contact only w family, and now there r several . . . Dear Sefano: grazie4the birthday wish fr NJ near the Lincoln Tunnel to Lombardia near Lake Como

About Tom Doody

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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