It’s Esperanza’s birthday, and my call to her precipitated words that feel good adding to my momentum entering 2022. This PM Hana y yo will travel by train, boat, and bus to Red Hook Brooklyn (covid transit problems r abundant, so plan b might b necessary). Dinner at a Peru restaurant, and home for a midnight zoom call with Matzumoto ppl, which includes Hana whose mother’s name on her birth and death certificate is Mazumoto Kazuko, but all her married life Kazuko was Kazuko Miyajima. The living Matzumoto ppl include Kazuko’s younger surviving brother and wife plus sons in Tokyo, and another son in LA, Hana’s brother in Como, and us in NJ near the Lincoln Tunnel. These locations Tokyo, Como, NJ, and LA span the globe w no big gaps, so some1’s normal sleep pattern must b altered, so this time it’s Como, so Hajime will start 2022 a little early. Red Hook self promotes as the only NYC land w a frontal view of Lady Liberty, so if chance favors eye’ll post a zoom of Lady Liberty fr Red Hook. Red Hook was 1ce known as the crack epidemic capital.

About Tom Doody

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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