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amigo D: yes it and the handles r PEX a PVC lookalike PVC is 2 brittle 4 this app 2 advantages: one it’s straight so it passes under my feet more easily and the tube allows me 2 custom weight by changing the chain the slow-no vid is not ideal conditions ¿Ideal? very old worn smooth stone slightly tilted then my feet raise above the ground . . . very little . . ur interest in this is cool . . u commented earlier though u had no reason to know this was the subject . . eye bought and posted classic needle-nose pliers and u liked it . . my early adult life separated me from all the stuff of my childhood home, and then a again when eye left my kid’s home . . so eye have no old stuff and eye buy “vintage” when given the choice . . eye use the needle-nose pliers to bend chain links and micro adjust the weight of the blue bar u asked about . . eye think eye know the current weight but risk b ing wrong . . eye’ll weight it again if u want to know . . from the bar to the handles is light plastic and the handles are also light making the weighted bar in the middle of the rope the only significant weight of the rope . . . current design is durable still w occasional minor repares, but . . . my earlier designs had me repairing multiple times weekly . . eye did πr² which eye 4got2 forget fr highschool and University and calculated the blue bar hits the ground at forty MPH each time, so eye had2get more durable or continue frequent repairs . . boxers don’t have this problem, but eye trusts their gym surfaces are btr than subway platforms and sidewalks . . ciao fr NJ2IL ur amigo Tom

About Tom Doody

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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