I expected a reply about my youtube fertility doctor post this AM . . . there were additional comments, but none directed at me . . here’s my additional thoughts: DNA plus 23andme reveals secrets, and the people who upload their DNA realize many times they thought something was true that wasn’t . . . on a side note until I was thirty and had to get my birth certificate and renew my passport I had said I was born in Lakewood Hospital, but it’s St. John’s . . sometimes these revelations are benign and other times the people with the DNA discover they’ve been deceived. The women in BBC’s fresh youtube realized they were deceived by a man who deceived their mother, and I think partially that’s where the burn comes in when mama was fooled . . nobody wants to feel it’s acceptable to fool mama. BBC likes this topic, and I watch almost everything they publish, and other media reveals mama had an affair maybe a one off maybe a side lover, or maybe mama’s dead and the relationship details between the man whose sperm is in the subject DNA and the mother is never known . . people seem to easily forgive mama for deception and move on, but these women in the fresh BBC vid can’t move on from their mom’s fertility doctor aka father.

About Tom Doody

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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