AAAZZEES lost Elite won

14October2021 eye wrote a dispute against AAZZEES Auto Salvage in Minnesota . . 2day bankofamerica notified me that Elite . . the org w me as the only bankofamerica signer . . Elite won . . ppl in ops at Elite attempted to get a refund, and turned it to me with AAZZEES non response . . tho eye’m glad to win it pisses me off a legit org ignores requests for a refund only to let the bank . reverse the charge . . AAZZEES failed to serve and failed to respond and may b with the hope of me getting lazy and them keeping the money they let bankofamerica reverse the charge . . when eye’m on the merchant side eye’m quick to refund unless eye have a case eye can win . . too many disputes lost can terminate a merchant account, which most legit orgs find penalizing . . we won . . moving on like Alex Jones who let’s his opponents win by default AAZZEES makes no case 4 themselves, the kind ppl of AAZZEES r good sports gracious in loss bankofamerica declared AAZZEES loser

About Tom Doody

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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