internet emotional x pression

this text is mostly for MFG and JMcD . . tho the way fb feeds us it’s likely to reach the others who commented on a recent post about my late son, David, my recovery from his death, and an emotional moment yesterday . . 4 JMcD especially it was not normal then and not normal 2day for Doody s to x press emotion of substance like eye did yesterday . . . JMcD’s comment about fresh news of David’s not-fresh death also made me realize . . . OMG . . JMcD doesn’t know internet emotional x pression is normal 4me . . MFG wrote: "This made my breath catch, like I could almost, almost feel your pain" my x pression was authentic and if eye cud fake it eye’d b in Hollywood or Bollywood (eye’d prefer the latter) eye have many x amples of my x pression of emotion in text and audio youtube . . including a tribute for my late mother, Martha, my late Uncle Joe, eulogy of Aaron Rovegno, 1of my favorites; "I am bitter" recorded moments after learning eye had been x cluded from a family reunion . . eye have decades of emotional media . . . during my recovery fr David’s death the sadness and darkness lingered in ways that threatened me w permanence, but eye treated my mental health w urgency as if it was an EMT event and . . . my confidence returned . . . now and for decades eye slip quietly in2 these dark moments and out again w out fear

About Tom Doody

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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