Kyle’s acquittal

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel << Bias news commonly refers to news sources intentionally shaping their reports for what their viewers and readers like. In addition, bias in the context of trials includes headline worthiness. This is exemplified by extensive coverage on no-jury-present events. Both types of bias get expose easily by reading like this . . . Dear kind readers: Trials of National importance have reporters in the courtroom with the expectation that they report factually, and miss nothing. In big trials these pros include locals and national media professionals. When I follow a trial with discipline I find a few of those pros and read their reports daily. I did not do this for Kyle Rittenhouse, so I feel a little behind. My delayed reaction follows. Sincerely, Tom Doody. In my history of watching sports debates of important plays I find full agreement is rare. In a bar with strangers or friends watching the same play including replay and slow-motion replay people often have opposing conclusions. This is how I feel about Kyle Rittenhouse’s self-defense claim. Kyle shot three people, and I think Kyle’s claim of self defense was less valid as he kept shooting people. Like my sports analogy, getting people to agree on what they saw and learned through evidence is nearly impossible, and I support the jury’s decision. Better a jury than sports fans in a bar. I believe the judge’s bias of the trial was overstated, and I believe the jury had the ability to get a better decision by not accepting Kyle’s claim of self defense on all counts. The jury had the freedom to decide otherwise even with a judge who seemed to favor acquittal. For spectators hungry for convictions on all accounts these people wanted to blame Kyle for broader injustice. Kyle was legal or near legal with his AR15. I imagine a lover saying ciao to Kyle . . . my teenage man just left with an AR15 to a protest . . . ¿Wat cud go wrong? It’s not Kyle’s fault he was permitted to carry and is permitted to carry again an AR15 across state lines to a protest. When I think of Kyle’s collection of a half million USDs for his defense, and other public support and an acquittal giving him approval and returning his AR15 I conclude the whole story is a travesty. The travesty is based on every American’s desire to feel safe. I feel Americans lost watching Kyle’s victory. >> Tom Doody

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middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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