dentist2dentist series

dear Dr Dominguez and Dr. Graham: This email comes with multi-season forethought when it occured to me before my mother’s, Martha’s, memorial service that each of you have similarities as professionals, and in my conversation with you, Meggie, I learned you were solicited to sell ur dental dynasty, and work as an employee . . whala . . . this is a prospective connection, because I learned from Hana, who’s also a patient of Dr. Dominguez that our doctor was now an employee in the practice where she was once La Jefa and will always be the founder. All this preamble to say the two of you have professional similarities, which makes me want to act as a catalyst and broker something between you. Be sure if you were near one another I would not attempt this, because stealing one another’s patients would be natural considering your serious approach to dentistry. With this text I pledge as a blogger and recreational writer to write both of you on occasion, and maybe the occasion will someday be right for the personal-professional link I imagine to begin. Today’s occasion, in addition to being in Dr. Dominguez’es lobby now waiting for Hana is Puglia Italy. Hana and I toured Puglia in September, and we learned Dr. Dominguez attended a destination wedding in Italy, so Pandemic travel became one of those dental-devices-in-mouth conversations between Hana and Dr. Dominguez. In Ostuni Puglia Hana and I visited a museum, and I attach a pic of a 30K year old skeleton that was unearthed in the Ostuni area. Each of you as professionals might see flaws, but my eyes and Hana’s eyes see perfect teeth attached to the 30K year old jaw. Seems the stuff this human chewed was kind to his or her teeth, and no modern dentistry was needed to live a full life w healthy teeth. It’s Halloween and Hana and I watched the first Squid Game last night . . . we’re hooked, and we’re sure to continue till the end. I declined the candy offered in the office once belonging to Dr. Dominguez. It seems her successor is offering candy to his patients, and I don’t remember and can’t imagine Dr. Dominguez offering candy to her patients. She cares for her patient’s teeth as if her patients were her kids. I can’t pledge the length of this dentist2dentist series, but I can be sure at this moment my series has yet to reach its end. Imagining you Dr. Graham in Milwaukee and you Dr. Dominguez w your hands in Hana’s mouth best to you from my view of the super-skinny skyscrapers of NYC’s billionaires row. Sincerely, Tom Doody middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel

About Tom Doody

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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