virtual office

amigo: the office in NJ u described for the purpose of presenting a legit business rather and a rented mailbox and me working from a home office . . Esperanza’s business is a prospect the only problem is she does not currently offer this type of service, so eye’d have2come2her with the concept and a researched market price . . . "virtual office" is the key word needed to find businesses that offer this type of service . . in most cases the virtual office business comes w permission to use the address as a business address and 2 receive mail . . so eye’ve . . . this project should be handed back to you . . u mentioned Katie as a person available 2do some work on this . . . a google search for "virtual office" near the Lincoln Tunnel is the first step . . she can call for quotes and u can look at the pics . . and then look at Esperanza’s and decide if u want to make Esperanza an offer . . or if u want to use a business already offering "virtual office" services

About Tom Doody

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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