Fin Cen Files

Hajime: conversation during dinner at Locanda del Tiglio revealed surveillance was a topic of common interest. While it takes much reading before linking Fin Cen Files w surveillance it’s an important background to the story. Banks and governments are knowing moving millions in dirty money documenting it and letting it pass but pero but the Fin Cen data sits and is accessed when there are other reasons to prosecute someone. Paul Manafort is a person mentioned in the leak, and it was only his move into politics that got him prosecuted . . b sure nobody sheds a tear for Manafort especially me, but what if eye cud name a bunch of low-level government nags . . aka activists who were suddenly prosecuted w transactions from Fin Cen. The volume of dirty money documented in Fin Cen is super grande, and attaching transactions to a person can b ez if the person makes a nuisance of himself or herself. ciao Tomás

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middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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