dear Marty, David, Ann, Ellen: lingering fr r late Mom’s memorial is the sense that we memorialize making this notice feel urgent, but it’s surely not urgent in any broad sense. Today is moving day when mine w Hana’s middle-age version of backpacking trough Europe takes us from Otranto to where we’ll rest tonight in Galipoli. This trip takes us across the "heel" of Italy, and to our only overnight stay on the west side of the Puglia Pennisula . . . feeling a little pressure to get my ass moving to breakfast and into the car. . . . David’s youtube memorial in the words of David’s surviving girlfriend’s father, and in my voice has attracted a comment fr Ian who describes a "DD" tattoo somewhere on his body as a memory to David. Ian’s comment follows Jeffery as the first and second comment attached to this youtube memorial, and tho it my seem insignificant 2others it’s major4me. This moment lacks the slack time to x plain why . . . grazie 4reading ur bro . . Tom Tommy Tee

About Tom Doody

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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