impulse ¿Rules?

After additional thought about Sirhan Sirhan I realize it was impulsive thought that got me inspired to write. I don’t know what’s right for Sirhan Sirhan, but I feel he should get fair consideration, and not a flipped decision based on the overly delayed participation of the surviving sons and daughters of RFK. Impulse caused my objection to wording in their letter, and how it points to people who got an oversupply of riches and an undersupply of mental health assistance. These surviving sons and daughters of RFK could not participate in their Dad’s killer’s parole process, because it was too painful tells me they did not deal productively with the tragic premature murder of their father. They were kids, so maybe my criticism is too harsh, but there is a kernel of truth in my words. Even before they wrote of "pain" they described themselves the the children of RFK, but RFK was killed in 1968, so any child he fathered is no longer a child, and dead men can’t be fathers. Late fathers, yes; fathers, no. "My wife" when the woman is dead or ex. "My dad" when the man is dead. These aforementioned phrases could be circumstantial, and not point to the fail-to-heal problems I sense, but in the fresh Kennedy letter the wording indicates a failure to heal, and circumstances reinforce their failure.

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