Taliban is . . .

Biden’s main faults on the Afghanistan exit include: ONE: bad timing TWO: bad execution THREE: Biden let Trump’s deadline slip missing an opportunity to blame more on Trump FOUR: limited warning to allies. If all was done better, then more could have been legitimately blamed on Trump, but none of the wrongs if done right would have significantly changed the outcome. Like probably zero bodies would have been found in the landing gear of US planes. Like probably Taliban would have been delayed in reclaiming the country. Like specific people protected by the US and the sham government would have been assured safe exit. Like the mess we witness would have been a slightly different mess. Ironically Trump set a trap for his predecessor who could have been Trump by making a Taliban deal that forced the US exit. The fact Trump’s second four years was not Trump means Trump earned the right to Trash Biden. Time will quickly soften the mess triggered when Biden removed a key card from the Afghan-US house of cards.

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middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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4 Responses to Taliban is . . .


    If what you say is true and you did prepare by open source reporting, you too failed at seeing what just occurred and are taken in like the masses to believe time will erode the situation. Tell that to the Afghan women who are now sentenced to a lifetime of servitude and slavery under the current regime. But hey, it’s always Trump’s fault when your a Democrat! Your Ego and mindset regarding the events of the last week are surely marked by someone who has given nothing to this country and definitely never served in a capacity to know the word “Patriot”.



    Incorrect grammar? I do not think so! The response you posted was a weak diatribe of confusion and stereotypical liberal sensitivity to reality and the failure of true accountable. You believe that posting responses within the YouTube format is some kind of elegant and worthy response. Onward, Christian Soldiers!


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