YouTube Great Art Explained explains David, and there’s much I did not know: ONE: Michelangelo’s David is large TWO: David is the Biblical David and Goliath THREE: nearly all other artists made David at the point of victory over the giant, but Michelangelo made David prior to the battle characterizing David as an intelectual not a warrior FOUR: Da Vinci gets a cameo mention in the vid, and it seems Da Vinci and Michelangelo were active artist same time same place and at least Da Vinci saw Michelangelo as a competitor. Another art youtube I watch describes the transition to modern art where artists transitioned from painting what was important to others, and began to paint what was important to the artist. Michelangelo by this standard was not modern creating art for the church and not because David was important to him, but that’s oversimplified. Michelangelo honored his commission yet he put his own interpretation into his David making the work feel modern and the artist feel modern. My interest in church art is light, but I linger in church museum collections. I find I linger longer in modern. Now I hunger to view David.

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