Scarsdale o Scarborough

dear kind readers: this is an old circa 1980 criminal story that gripped NYC area headlines for months told partially here in my blog, because of my visit to Scarsdale yesterday. Sincerely, Tom Doody. Scarsdale sounds like Scarborough leading me to misspeak when I told Adam via whatsapp vm my plans for the day. I caught my error and corrected myself in a clumsy way trying to act like my misspeak was unimportant. I returned home to a whatsapp audio from Adam: "Scarborough is like parsley sage rosemary and thyme" and "Scarsdale is like the diet doctor". Dear kind readers: For people my age or older, Adam’s reference to herbs immediately triggers the melody of a hit song by Simon and Garfunkel, "Scarborough Fair". Sincerely, Tom Doody. The second reference was lost on me, but adult or near adult New Yorqueños in the eighties would remember the story of a fad-diet doctor who was murdered, and it goes a little something like this . . hit it. The diet doctor was the son of Jewish immigrants, a cardiologist in Scarsdale. He wrote the fad-diet best selling book the Scarsdale Diet, which boosted him from small town doctor to weight-loss diet guru, and boosted his income. The very sexy middle-age bald Jewish man had a series of girlfriends with a penchant for not ending each hookup before moving onto his next, and he scored his younger beautiful secretary while sort of off with the now out-of-state resident who visited Scarsdale and shot the diet doctor dead in his home. ONE: love triangle TWO: live better guru tells many how to live better, but is murdered. Dear kind readers: Dr. Phil professes his great marriage, but imagine if he was murdered by wife or a side lover. Sincerely, Tom Doody. Some people die quietly while others hold headlines for months, and the diet doctor was the latter. Scarsdale seems to have forgotten their diet doctor, because I spent a day there, and only learned of the diet doctor from my amigo Adam upon my return home in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel.

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