more ¿Awkward?

eye 1-finger tapped a reply2 Erika on the train to Scarsdale w Hana yesterday . . Erika writes ¿Awkward? . . eye think Erika’s sentiment is much like celebrity moments Bradley Cooper’s exwife is dating Kanye, and fans r interested in all the complicated emotion including the child Jennifer Esposito had w Bradley Cooper . . . Jennifer says all is peaceful and good, but fans r not convinced . . if Jennifer and Bradley r at peace with 1another and parenting, then eventually their fans will catch up and that part of Jennifer’s and Bradley’s story will diminish 2a trace tho my ex and eye r not celebrities and r kids have been adults 4a decade there r still some parallels between Erika and celebrity fans of Jennifer and Bradley . . eye had a sentence telling my bro, friends, and cousins where eye planned2stay w Hana for Martha’s memorial and eye replied w out delay2the Martha’s memorial invitation w the aforementioned sentence not knowing my reply went to Erin, Ryan and my 1st wife . . so 4me it was a little awkward when eye realized who all the list included . . that awkward sense passed and like others who may feel just having me and my exwife on the same distribution list might b awkward, but in time if my sentiment is sincere time shud put me and my exwife out of the headlines . . like future events when all x pect both me and my exwife will b invited and might or might not attend and either way the topic b comes not-a-worthy topic Erika also asked how eye will handle it prob stay close 2my wife, Hana, don’t overstay and don’t overdrink a graveside ceremony among Catholics is a well-rehearsed event and it shud not have surprises like a wedding . . it’s an early-day graveside followed by a country-club gathering w end x pected b4 dinnertime, so avoiding one another shud take no special effort

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middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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4 Responses to more ¿Awkward?

  1. Confucius says:

    Awkward? Deadbeat Dad!! Kids and ex-wife that hate you!!! Large invite list? It is highly doubtful with YOU on the invite list that they even come. Good times —— Karma, Karma, Karma……


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