Mexican chili

eye am a student of Mexican chili’s and and and it’s the most difficult subject eye’ve studied . . Mexicans in my barrio tell me different things ie chili de árbol is mas picante and other mexicans say it’s not but but but can’t remember the name of the hotter 1 . . . the bin labels in the supermarkets and bodegas don’t match wat’s in the bins and most confusing of all my internet study adds more confusion and less understanding . . . eye know my cuz Kevin knows many Mexicans prob fr Michoacán unlike my barrio Mexicans fr Guerrero and Puebla . . . so asking for more Profs y Profsa aqui will just add 2 my confusion but but but . . . ayúdame por favor . . . the mas picante Mexican chili is _______ and ______ is the name of a dried jalepiño

About Tom Doody

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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