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for anyone whose experienced difficulties banking during covid my recent series on my Moseff banking problems might be interesting . . . after bankofamerica termination without warning including how I was denied an explanation . . . I’ve hit a series of difficulties getting Moseff a business checking at another bank and those rejections feel more and more personal as the tally mounts . . . whala . . . I was filled with optimism again as I woke Friday AM and made my life-to-date record-long series of whatsaps vm messages to my Indian Moseff partners (converted 2 youtube) and set off to take my next step with Wells Fargo . . now this weekend I face the expectation of hearing nothing Monday or Tuesday . . or . . getting denied again . . or . . approved . . even if denied my Friday whatsapp vms contain validated truth about how in-branch bankers are now expected to behave with appointments and call backs . . in my barrio where branches are overwhelmed precovid with everyday banking it’s unrealistic to expect in-branch bankers to suddenly manage their days by appointment

About Tom Doody

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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