family gender balance

Dear Phil, Nelson, David, Steffen,
Dan, Georgi, Taylor, Brian, Rick, Steffen, Bill, Kevin, and Ryan (in memory: David and Doug): Each of us is either fathers of Bill and Martha’s descendents, or descendents of Bill and Martha, or both. After Bill died I felt the tide changed, and the gender balance of his surviving family members tipped feminine. With the death of Martha, and without any special effort on anyone’s part Bill and Martha’s surviving family members will experience a gender shift to balance. I have very specific and very personal ideas of what this means, but my details will be omitted from this text. Instead, I will only say this: my purpose is to see that each of us has reason to feel we are part of something bigger. My target audience is men, and it’s not that women should be excluded it’s only that my power to include women is limited compared to my sisters. A note for homosexuality: what if a man marries into this family in union with a man or a woman marries into this family in union with a woman. IDK, but we’ll figure it out — I promise. David, Nelson, Phil, Dan, and Brogan: each of you know of my . . my . . . ¿Persistence? all of this ¿Persistence? will be put to use fully till death do me part. Love from NJ2: WI CO GA CA MN ?? ?? ciao Tom aka U. Tommy

About Tom Doody

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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