E and R: the estate of my late mom ur late gmom is reaching final distribution, which is jewelry . . eye got a letter yesterday w pics and . . . and . . my late dad ur late gdad Bill, repeatedly joke abt inheritance as if there was a negative event btw his sisters, so eye’m inclined to abdicate but but but . . . this is emotional and complicated . . . eye cud b convinced2pass something to my ex ur mom Angie w the idea it more ez ly passed 2u fr her than fr me but but but if eye hear nada fr u’all eye’m more likely2pass ciao Dad dear E: eye’ve written R and E about r late mom’s stuff . . . this is unexpectedly emotional . . . u have reason 2sense ur headed4 a sibling collision w death-do-us part consequences but but but b assured eye’m w u fully ciao Tom btw r late mom’s executor is a job w degree of difficulty TEN ur do ing gr8

About Tom Doody

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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