BBC teachers

Dear Stacy and Ellen: BBC has a nice report about the challenges American teachers have faced with the pandemic, and I’ve decided to send it to each of you. Stacy: Ellen is my sister in Milwaukee, and Ellen: Stacy is my friend Adam’s sister on Staten Island. Each of you are teachers. When I think about 911 and our current pandemic as a Nation we tried to express appreciation for firefighters and healthcare workers respectively. I know of the stress put on teachers from Columbine and the Nation’s ongoing series of school shootings, and it occurs to me teachers have reason to feel overlooked when the Nation bows in gratitude. The BBC report captures a breath a female teacher takes before she talks, and with that breath she expresses authentic stress. With preamble behind I thank you and all teachers. Sincerely, Tom btw Ellen: the one time Stacy called me she began, “Tom, this is Stacey, Adam’s sister” . . . with the punctuation it’s easy to understand correctly, but at that moment I thought I was talking to Sparky’s and Betty’s daughter Stacy’s sister. btw dos: Stacy: at this time my sister’s first-born grandchildren are school age, so she might not be currently teaching though she is a career teacher, one of my first teachers, and I’ll always think of her teaching.

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middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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